Untitled #3
If you look through the window to the other side, do you really see something strange or different? A shaky voice whispers: Accompany me!
Eliminate yourself! go! - Yes! Lay aside, this world - sometimes gray, sometimes colored when we go out and dare. It doesn't matter if we are children, men or women. Accompany the voice of indifference. Hold these threads and don't forge gloom.
But behind that window, those eyes, don't tell me they're no good. I don't just let myself be deceived, whether light or shadow, I walk alone, have my own shell and my own qualities that go together. This world out there is a product of our thoughts, a film – a feedback to which we owe everything.
Whichever side you're on, sometimes you win, sometimes you're dishonoured.
Crucially, this spectacle is neither too serious nor to be taken lightly. We never know where our actions come from and where they will go.
It is important that we understand. We are all the same, sooner or later. 
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