The first guests were Houwayda Schöni and Agnes Zurfluh, residents from the Gäbelbach and Kleefeld districts. Houwayda spoke about her active neighborhood work and the importance of cultural diversity in Bümpliz. As a mother of three children, she is aware of her responsible role in her environment and reported, among other things, on the difficulties faced by women who wear headscarves in the Swiss job market. Agnes has lived in Bümpliz for over 50 years and added to the conversation from her point of view. She also shared historical anecdotes. The combination of these two guests enabled a successful start to the day.
Noemi Somalvico shared her literary view of Bümpliz. She is a student at the Master Contemporary Arts Practice (focus on literature) at the Bern University of the Arts. The most remarkable details of Bümpliz were discussed together and Noemi offered an insight into her artistic work. Even just "Bümpliz" as a word offers huge potential for her.
The reformed pastor and president of the school committee of the Bethlehem school district, Hans Roder, attempted to present and solve the Bümpliz-Bethlehem issue. Further in the conversation, the focus ended up on the role of art in faith and vice versa. The Reformed Church Community of Bethlehem has already implemented a number of projects in cooperation with the Bern University of the Arts. He also talked about the challenges in the school committee.
The "westwind" organization deals with art education, equal opportunities and sustainability in Bümpliz. The president of "westwind", Res Zimmermann, spoke on RADIO BÜMPLIZ about cultural funding in the west of Bern and enriched the conversation with memories of past projects that they initiated with children and young people.
Coming from the Tscharnergut with his guitar, Joël Gregorini provided musical accompaniment for the radio station under the pseudonym "Belanu". In addition to his live performances, Belanu, who is only 19, talked about his childhood and the unique characteristics of Bümpliz. He accompanied the program late into the night with music and improvisation.
The conversation with Mayor Alec von Graffenried focused on the merger of Bümpliz and Bern at that time, and the exceptional importance of the western part of the city today. In addition to thoughts about possible future mergers with other localities, Alec von Graffenried shared his own biographical experiences.
Two students from the Bümpliz music school completed the day's program. They auditioned live in Cabane B with great courage and enthusiasm. In addition to the punk rock band "Konkuspinat" and "Criminal", rappers and refugees, who had the opportunity to perform and express their opinions, other spontaneous guests had their say until late at night.
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